03/21/13 10:14am

Batagor: A Savory Indonesian Tofu and Fish Cake Fryup

Batagor is a popular snack in Indonesia and Elmhurst.

Batagor, a popular snack in Indonesia and Elmhurst alike.


Jakarta style fried fish cake with peanut sauce doesn’t sound so appetizing at first, but the batagor ($6.50) at Mie Jakarta is a tasty surprise. Batagor takes it’s name from bakso (fish cake), tahu, (tofu), and goreng (fried). It’s a popular street food in Indonesia. At Mie Jakarta its takes the form of chewy fried fish cakes, blocks of tofu, and other crunchy bits. Dressed with peanut sauce; the sweet sticky soy sauce kecap manis; a bit of chili; and fried shallots it’s a tasty snack or side dish. I consider myself lucky to have this and other Indonesian delights a mere three or four subway stops away from C+M headquarters in the neighborhood I like to call SEA Elmhurst.
Mie Jakarta,  86-20 Whitney Ave., Elmhurst, 718-606-8025

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