02/13/13 1:11pm

How Do You Feel About Marmite?

My first experience with Marmite, the viscous pitch-black spread made from spent brewer’s yeast was in a sandwich at M. Wells Diner. The British spread was slathered on a demi-baguette, along with some butter.  Topped with thinly sliced cucumber, it was really quite nice in an umami bomb sort of way. Then again I used to chew Herb-Ox bouillon cubes as a kid. Many Brits are quite found of the spread and many are not as you can see in the above commercial.

In case you are wondering whether large jungle cats are fond of the stuff you will be glad to know that you needn’t undertake this dangerous taste test at your local zoo. Big Cat Rescue has done it for you.  The video begins with a disclaimer “Small amounts were given to the cats, Marmite is not used for regular enrichment.” Here’s what I’d like to know: Do you love Marmite or hate it?  Tell me in the comments or hit me on the Twitter, @JoeDiStefano.

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