02/18/13 10:02am

Behold, The Chocolate Dosa!

At first glance it looks like most any other dosa.

At first glance it looks like most any other dosa.

Dosai, the gigantic South Indian rice and lentil crêpes take many forms. Lacy crisp paper dosai flavored with little more than ghee are great for dipping into spicy vegetable-loaded samber broth. Their more substantial cousins are filled with potato and other veggies. And for spice freaks like me there are fiery varieties with chili worked right into the batter. Some even resemble flapjacks. Until I paid a visit to Dosa Delight, though I never encountered a dessert dosa.

Inside, find chocolate and cashews.

Inside, find chocolate and cashews.

At first glance the chocolate dosa ($7.99) looks like most any other, save for its brown freckles. It’s even served with the traditional coconut chutney and samber. Closer inspection—and a taste—reveals that those brown spots are chocolate. Between the chocolate-enriched  folds of this dessert dosa find a delectable mixture of melted chocolate and cashews. Think of it as a South Indian brownie.

The crunchy chocolate dosa is a fine indulgence with a cup of strong Madras coffee ($2). It’s even kind of tasty dipped into the coconut chutney. I chose  not to try it with the samber. That would be just weird.

Dosa Delight, 35-66 73rd St., Jackson Heights,  718-397-1000

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  • Weird sync. We walked by Dosa Delight Saturday night. We used to go to this restaurant in an earlier incarnation and I noted the chocolate dosa, which my Southern Indian friend said he’s never encountered before. He recoiled at the thought, but it seems not unlike a crepe, and the sourness of the batter might be a nice foil for the sweetness of the chocolate.