01/10/13 11:23am

Chef Ana’s Stuffed Cabbage at Knish Nosh

Knish Nosh has stuffed cabbage too, who knew?

Knish Nosh has stuffed cabbage too, who knew?

Knish Nosh has been selling its potato-based snacks for more than half a century. A couple of years ago what was once a tiny storefront expanded and added a chef, Ana Vasilescu, and a list of specialties as long as my arm. Among these is an excellent cold-busting matzo ball soup. I had a quart of for breakfast yesterday. Sometimes I like to get a plate of perogies filled with corned beef and smothered with caramelized onions.

“Try my stuffed cabbage,” Ana has said to me on more than one occasion. So the other day I did. It’s known as sarmale de varza in her native Romania. The tender leaves enfold a tasty mixture of rice, ground beef and herbs. Each roulade is $3.50 and comes with a hearty tomato sauce. And to think the only comfort food I thought came out of her kitchen was matzo ball soup.

Knish Nosh, 100-30 Queens Blvd., Forest Hills, (718) 897-5554

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